Golden Gate

What would be a better way to start the vacation than rush to the Vista View Point just before sunset – and take a view to the Golden Gate. Early wake-up on next day – and then flight to Dallas! Before hitting the bed – obligatory evening calories fill-up was performed at Carl’s Jr burger. Not fully convinced about the burgers, but the french fries were good. (Btw – never drink strawberry Fanta, unless want an overdose of artificial color and taste…) All good this far – and now starts the vacation! Yippii!

Golden Gate

One thought on “Golden Gate

  1. Rainer

    Mahtavaa. Joku on jopa pyöräillyt Golden Gaten päästä päähän muutama vuosi sitten! Pysykää liittovaltion puolella mieluiten…t. Rainer

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